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The UW campus has changed, times have changed, and our program has changed. We’re guessing you’ve changed, too! This year we are celebrating six full decades of intentional community building, innovative thinking and global citizenship through the University of Washington Honors Program. Our mission is to create engaged citizens and leaders who serve their communities. Explore this site to hear Honors stories and connect with old or new friends. Enjoy this stroll down memory lane!

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I’ve seen Honors programs around the country, and they’re often places that hold students in. Our Honors students aren’t held apart. They’re leading conversations all over campus. Honors also gives faculty a place to try new ideas that feed back out to the whole University of Washington, making us a better place. And we have the power, because of our size, to change the world for the better. That’s why I care so much about Honors, that’s why I give to Honors. Because of what it does, for the University, and for the world.”

— UW President Ana Mari Cauce
UW President Ana Mari Cauce

Six Decades of Honors Huskies Stories

At the end of the day, it’s the individual experiences, courses taught, ideas shared, and other memories that make up the Honors Huskies timeline. Click below to browse through our gallery of stories, find friends, and be inspired.

Nicole Advani, Alumni, 2012-2015

Nicole Advani

Alumni, 2012-2015

Myra Aquino, Alumni, 2004-2009

Myra Aquino

Alumni, 2004-2009

Rosemary Aragon (Barker), Alumni, 1965-1968

Rosemary Aragon (Barker)

Alumni, 1965-1968

Brian Arnold, Alumni, 2017-2021

Brian Arnold

Alumni, 2017-2021

Brenda Banks, Alumni, 1982-1983

Brenda Banks

Alumni, 1982-1983

Jonathan Bannick, Alumni, 2012-2016

Jonathan Bannick

Alumni, 2012-2016

Marlena Bannick (Norwood), Alumni, 2012-2016

Marlena Bannick (Norwood)

Alumni, 2012-2016

Caroline Behler, Alumni, 1990-1994

Caroline Behler

Alumni, 1990-1994

Matthew Bishop, Alumni, 2001-2005

Matthew Bishop

Alumni, 2001-2005

Chad Blanchard, Alumni, 1997-1998

Chad Blanchard

Alumni, 1997-1998

Laura Anne Bowlin (Wallace), Alumni, 2017-2021

Laura Anne Bowlin (Wallace)

Alumni, 2017-2021

Jon Bridge, Alumni, 1968-1972

Jon Bridge

Alumni, 1968-1972

Bella Brown, Alumni, 2013-2017

Bella Brown

Alumni, 2013-2017

Roman Camarda, Alumni, 2008-2013

Roman Camarda

Alumni, 2008-2013

Margie Cashman, Alumni, 1969-1973

Margie Cashman

Alumni, 1969-1973

Kleitia Cerekja, Alumni, 2016-2020

Kleitia Cerekja

Alumni, 2016-2020

Christine Chan, Alumni, 2003-2007

Christine Chan

Alumni, 2003-2007

Kelly Chapman, Current Staff, 2016-2022

Kelly Chapman

Current Staff, 2016-2022

Casey Chen, Alumni, 2017-2021

Casey Chen

Alumni, 2017-2021

David Chopp, Alumni, 1981-1985

David Chopp

Alumni, 1981-1985

Carey Christie, Current Staff, 2014-2022

Carey Christie

Current Staff, 2014-2022

Ken Clatterbaugh, Previous Faculty, 2005-2012

Ken Clatterbaugh

Previous Faculty, 2005-2012

Christine Cole (Brauer), Alumni, 2008-2010

Christine Cole (Brauer)

Alumni, 2008-2010

Jeanne Contardo (Bayer), Alumni, Previous Staff, 1996-2002

Jeanne Contardo (Bayer)

Alumni, Previous Staff, 1996-2002

Kenza Coubrough, Alumni, 2013-2017

Kenza Coubrough

Alumni, 2013-2017

Elaine Currie, Alumni, 2018-2020

Elaine Currie

Alumni, 2018-2020

Jennifer Deane (Kolpacoff), Alumni, 1987-1992

Jennifer Deane (Kolpacoff)

Alumni, 1987-1992

Shaune DeMers, Alumni, 1985-1990

Shaune DeMers

Alumni, 1985-1990

Dia Dissmore, Alumni, 1984-1998

Dia Dissmore

Alumni, 1984-1998

Bryan Dosono, Alumni, 2008-2013

Bryan Dosono

Alumni, 2008-2013

Mitra Ehsan, , 1989-1991

Mitra Ehsan

, 1989-1991

Izaiha Ellis (Linton), Alumni, 2016-2020

Izaiha Ellis (Linton)

Alumni, 2016-2020

Ben Emanuels, Alumni, 2011-2014

Ben Emanuels

Alumni, 2011-2014

Barbara Franklin (Eakin), Alumni, 1983

Barbara Franklin (Eakin)

Alumni, 1983

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Our Evolution…

Founded in the early sixties, the Honors Program continues to draw fantastic people into the UW. Honors constantly evolves to remain relevant, expand access and inspire today’s world shapers. The past 60 years are filled with notable milestones highlighting the creativity, intellect, and curiosity in our community.

Click through the buttons to scroll through the years to learn about how the program has changed grown and changed.

Special thanks to the Honors Anniversary Ambassadors who are helping us celebrate and share stories throughout the year.

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