GPA Requirements

Policies and Procedures

A minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA is required to graduate with an Interdisciplinary, Departmental, or College Honors degree, regardless of whether you have completed all other curriculum requirements. Additionally, individual Departmental Honors programs may have different gpa requirements higher than a 3.3. It is very important to be aware of this policy as well as that of your individual Departmental Honors program as you pursue your Honors degree at UW.

If your cumulative grade point average falls below a 3.3 at any time while at the UW, Honors advisers will be in contact to offer support, provide resources, and answer any questions that you have about the 3.3 cumulative GPA requirement. You will not be transferred out of the Honors Program, and will be encouraged to visit an Honors adviser to discuss your future academic plans and goals.

There’s Help!

We ALWAYS encourage you to come in and talk to an adviser if you are concerned about your GPA or if you are having trouble in a class. We can help point you to many different resources both within Honors as well as on the larger UW campus that can help with time management, study skills, tutoring services, and more.